In the world of internet marketing, we are often taught to monetize our sites through various avenues such as banner ads and text links. Placement is critical to obtaining a high click through rate (CTR) from these sources. Below are some pointers for placement of banner ads and text links that will improve the chances of visitors clicking on your ads.

Banner Ads

  • Place dynamic banner ads, i.e. banners with movement, “above the fold” or near the top of your page.
  • For web pages, banners in the left column generally do better (have a good CTR) than banners in the right column.
  • Use the rectangle (468 x 60) banner at the top of your page, but under the navigation or immediately under the title for best results.
  • Insert rectangle banners immediately after content (i.e., the bottom of a story).

Text Links

  • Make sure text links are relevant to your topic.
  • Use relevant words as the anchor text of your text links.
  • For reviews or stories, include three text links to the merchant to maximize the CTR: one toward the beginning of the content, a link in the body, and a link towards the very end of the content.
  • Note: Text links placed in the navigation bar may also improve CTR.

These tips are a guide to the placement of links and banners on your site to increase your CTR. The success of these guidelines will vary from site to site and, as with everything about your site, you should continually test and compare in order to improve.

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