The essence of CPA marketing success is CPA advertising.  And the heart of CPA advertising is…


Traffic, as they always say, is the lifeblood of any online venture.  If you’re selling something, you need traffic.  If you want people to click on your ads, you need traffic.  If you want to lead potential customers to an affiliate merchant’s sales page, you need traffic. Heck, if you want people to see the baby pictures you posted on your personal blog, you still need traffic!

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CPA Marketing – The Basics

If you haven’t heard of cost per action (CPA) marketing, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.  (Just kidding!) Seriously though, CPA marketing is all the rage these days and ebooks, bootcamps and the like are springing up all over the place. I’ve been delving into a bit of CPA marketing over the past few months and, with the right mix, have found it to be quite lucrative.

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Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

You’ve done some market research, created a blog and announced it to the world through Web 2.0 sites and social bookmarking techniques. But, are you getting any traffic?

Before you spend too much time on your niche, you want to make sure you’ve got enough traffic coming to your blog. One gage to test your niche potential is your results after you’ve had 200 unique visitors. If you have not had 200 visitors, look to where you are ranked in Google for both broad match (keyword phrase without quotes) and phrase match (keyword phrase within quotes). It may be that you are not ranked high enough in the search engines to receive at least 200 visitors yet.

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Thirty Day Challenge 2008

The 30 Day Challenge is back. Just shortly after last year’s challenge, I earned my first $10. I went on to apply some of the techniques I learned to take advantage of the Build A Niche Store Script (BANS). Although I still have a bit of work to do all my BANS sites, particularly with respect to traffic, they have brought in some decent income. With that said, I’m anxious to be a part of this year’s challenge to further hone my skills and add some new tools to my arsenal.

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Auditing Your Site

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the lookout for tools to help improve your website. offers just what you need to analyze your site.

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Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge – Traffic: Go or No Go

Ed Dale started with Day 24 training of the 30 Day Challenge, describing the impact of rank on traffic. The Gtrends data on searches/day is based on the #1 position in Google. If you’re not in the number one spot, then there is a drop off. If GTrends suggests that you’re going to get 100 visitors a day in position #1, then you’re going to get about 30 visitors in position #2, and 12-15 in position #3. Once you’re in positions #4 – #10, traffic will tail off. Traffic won’t drop to 0, but we’re talking about a couple of searches per day at most. The credibility and import of this data is represented in a post on the Red Cardinal blog which displays the % share of clickthroughs for the top 10 search engine results based on data accidentally released by AOL.

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