Market Samurai First Impressions

Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge included the unveiling of Market Samurai, a market research tool. This is a free tool available for a limited time to 30 Day Challengers. It incorporates data from Google’s keyword tool as well as a competitive and commerciality analysis.

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Thirty Day Challenge 2008

The 30 Day Challenge is back. Just shortly after last year’s challenge, I earned my first $10. I went on to apply some of the techniques I learned to take advantage of the Build A Niche Store Script (BANS). Although I still have a bit of work to do all my BANS sites, particularly with respect to traffic, they have brought in some decent income. With that said, I’m anxious to be a part of this year’s challenge to further hone my skills and add some new tools to my arsenal.

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Day 22 of 30 Day Challenge – Testing & Tracking

On day 22 of the 30 Day Challenge, Dan Raine focused on testing and tracking. He stated that, “Apart from good-quality market research, tracking is the single most important thing you should do as an internet marketer.” The difference between making money in internet marketing and earning an income in internet marketing is good quality tracking. Tracking shows you how well you are doing and is an early warning system.

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Day 21 of 30 Day Challenge – The Cluster Effect

We started with market research. Next, we used our selected keywords to test. We have to make sure there’s traffic for our keyword(s) or we will be wasting our time. The power of the 30 Day Challenge method “lives or dies on keyword selection.”

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Ed Dale On Internet Marketing Tools

On Day Seven of the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale appealed to participants not to go cheap on tools of the trade. He started by giving two examples. First, hair dressers spend up to $700 for scissors to cut hair. Second, top chefs spend $2000-$3000 on professional knives. However, would be internet marketers want to use cheap internet connections like dial-up (I’m not sure why anyone would subject themselves to such torture) and old computers.

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Day 1 – Four Steps to Online Marketing Success

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