30 Day Challenge Bonus Material

The Golden Nuggets Strategy

Although, Ed Dale provided the research strategy to learn about a new niche, he cautioned that reading is not enough. You must take notes for the information to be useful. Using the Golden Nuggets Strategy, adopted from Gary Halbert, Ed suggests that participants conduct their research as follows:

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Day 3 – Has It Posted Yet?

Our 30 Day Challenge (30DC) team ran into some bandwidth issues on Day 3, which delayed our lesson for the day. This speaks volumes for the impact and popularity of the 30DC. And, it certainly fuels my excitement for the course. So while waiting for the technological issues to be resolved, I began to review the preseason materials. Included was a tutorial on the setup and use of facebook, and additional tools such as Skype, meebo and twitter that will be used during the challenge.

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