Day 15 of 30 Day Challenge – The WHY of Traffic

At Day 15 of the 30 Day Challenge we’ve: 1) conducted market research, 2) identified niche keywords that should be able to compete, and 3) picked an affiliate program for testing. Day 15’s lesson discussed how to generate traffic. Using Web 2.0 properties, we will have the ability to generate enough traffic to determine if our keywords are going to work or not. It should be noted that while tools and strategies change on a daily basis, the theory or fundamentals of online marketing success remain the same: Read the rest of this entry

As of Day 14 of the 30 Day Challenge, participants should have completed the market research (Stage I of the 30 Day Challenge), narrowed down keywords in two niche markets and written three articles for each keyword phrase. Ed Dale instructed participants to continue to check the Bloglines feeds they created on Day 10 for new content.

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Day 6 – Noticing

Day six of the 30 Day Challenge focused on the “Noticing Phase.” Participants were tasked to:

  1. Type each of their niche candidates into the Google toolbar followed by the word “affiliate,” e.g., speed reading affiliate.
  2. Notice the number of affiliate programs on the left hand side. (Numerous affiliates are indicative of a mature market in which people are likely making money selling products in the niche.)
  3. Notice who is advertising on the right hand side with Google Adwords.

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