After discovering the world of podcasting, I decided to attend The New Media and Podcasting Expo. Prior to the event I had been thinking about some podcasting ideas and tinkered around a bit with some podcasting tools, i.e., audacity. I had also done some research on podcasting equipment.

The New Media and Podcasting Expo consisted of various breakout sessions and an exhibit hall. Many of the podcasters I had been listening to were also in attendance. Because I was eager to learn how to start podcasting, i.e., recommended equipment, software, setup, etc. I attended the sessions in the beginners track. Unfortunately, I did not learn anything new. I had already discovered much of the information on my own, with the exception of various ways to market a podcast.

The benefit of the event was twofold. First, there was a lot of networking, which is always useful. I met podcasters with various levels of experience and reach who willingly shared their experiences and provided recommendations on how to get started in the field. Leesa Barnes, in particular, was quite gracious with her time and provided me with not only some good tips but with inspiration to get “on air.”

The second benefit of the event was the exhibit hall. Just about every vendor that sells podcasting equipment was present. This was great because it provided me with the opportunity to touch, feel and compare different recorders and mics. And I always like to be able to ask questions of a live person who is intimately familiar with the goods they sell.

Overall, this was a decent event. Because I was not quite ready to launch a podcast, this may have been one I could have attended at a later time.

Who Should Attend: Anyone Interested in Podcasting
Price: $249
Primary Benefit(s): Networking and Exhibit Hall
Rating: 3/5

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