My second seminar of 2007 was the World Internet Marketing Event in September. By this time, I had started my first blog (this one) and participated in the 30 Day Challenge. I had essentially gotten my toes wet and was thirsty for more knowledge to improve my online marketing efforts.

In terms of content, this event was not a winner for me. Instead, I experienced a good old-fashioned pitch fest. Speakers from around the world spent their allotted time convincing attendees about the value of their respective products. From niches in a box to social media strategies, just about anyone could find a way to incur some debt, including me. This is not to say that there was no value in hearing about different approaches to internet marketing. For me though, I was specifically looking for the type of learning I experienced at the Internet Wealth Building Workshop.

Although I did not walk away with a map to online marketing, I did experience two noteworthy benefits. First, the networking was fantabulous. I was able to meet and develop relationships with newbies and a couple of “internet gurus.” This alone has proven invaluable.

Second, as I alluded to above, I joined the Stephen Pierce Smart Marketing Club Program. While this cost me a good chunk of change, this has been one of my better investments in my quest to learn and understand internet marketing. Not only does Stephen over deliver, but the quality of content and resources are worth their weight in gold. I also joined the Blog i360 network, which is a unique blogging platform designed to seamlessly integrate new media into your online marketing strategies.

In sum, this seminar can be quite overwhelming for newbies and great for established internet marketers because of the networking opportunities. Newbies should definitely do their homework and define their objectives before attending this type of seminar.

  • Who Should Attend: Intermediate and Established Internet Marketers
  • Price: $497
  • Primary Benefit: Networking
  • Rating: 3/5

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