I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of years now and have seen various Twitter tools come and go. I wasn’t moved to use any of these tools until recently when I ran across The Tweet Tank.

The Tweet Tank consists of eight instructional videos that provide clear, step-by-step directions on how to advertise and make money with Twitter on autopilot. Although I typically prefer written instructions, the videos in this package were easy to understand and follow. Ben, the creator, provides screenshots and verbal instructions that make setup quick and easy.

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The videos walk you through:

1.  Setting up an account.
2.  Automatically adding followers
3.  Automatically adding content.
4.  Using Twitter as an affiliate marketer.
5.  Maintaining your Twitter account.

After watching the videos, I put the techniques to the test using one existing Twitter account and one new account.  It took me about two hours to get everything setup, including watching the videos.


The Results…With the exception of some minor tweaks to the automatic content generation system, I let the accounts run on autopilot for about two weeks. During that time, the new account increased by over 400 followers and I generated sales as well as increased my followers on the existing account.

Thus far, I am thoroughly satisfied with the results. And for $27, it was well worth the expenses. Now, if I can just carve out the time to conduct the recommended maintenance for at least 15 minutes, three days a week, I will undoubtedly experience even better results!

The Tweet Tank is the right choice for you if you’re looking for an automated, easy-to-follow system to advertise and make money on Twitter. And you can adapt the system to support your current and new activities. So, get started now!

Click Here to Secure Your Copy of The Tweet Tank

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