Days 11 & 12 of 30 Day Challenge – Catching Up

Days 11 & 12 of the 30 Day Challenge were catchup days. I simply love the weekends to review and get caught up. Since I’m a bit behind, I will use the weekend to review material and continue to work on niche markets and umbrella phrases. If you have any ideas, feel free to leave me a comment below.

Day 10 – Web 2.0 & Bloglines

Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on two lessons: Web 2.0 Properties and Bloglines.

Web 2.0 Properties

Ed Dale revealed that participants will be using web 2.0 properties to get traffic and get listed and ranked in the Google search engine. This will be done very quicklly, which is why participants are in low competition niches. Even though traffic may be low, the focus is on low competition. A hinderance to this goal would be sites already with web 2.0 properties in the organic search listings. If pages already appear via web 2.0 properties, then it may be harder to rank. This single issue is the reason why a site may not rank quickly.

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Day 9 – Google Trends Redux

Clarification of issues from Day Eight of the 30 Day Challenge was the focus of Day Nine. Ed Dale acknowledged that most of our niches will not show on the top chart in Google Trends. This is because competing web pages of 30,000 or less rarely have enough traffic to get on the chart. If the keywords don’t show up on the graph, participants must look in the bottom right corner to the Languages – English section. The baseline phrase “male yeast infection” will be represented by the blue line. Compare that data with the red line (or the umbrella phrase). Ideally, the red line should be 1/5th or 1/6th the length of the blue line, representing about 80-100 searches a day. For a more exact figure, look at the ratio of red/blue and multiply by 500. So, if the red line is 1/5th of the blue line, that’s 1/5 x 500 = 100 searches per day.

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Day 8 – Judging, Part Deux

In Lesson Eight of the 30 Day Challenge, participants were given a baseline to test their potential traffic results. Using a phrase with a known amount of traffic, participants were to compare their keywords or umbrella phrases using Google Trends to find a correlation in traffic. In this case, participants were given the baseline phrase “male yeast infection” which receives about 500-550 searches a day and ranks one or two in Google.

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Day 7 – Judging, Part One

Lesson Seven of the 30 day challenge was delivered by Rob Somerville. He described Stage One of the Judging Process – the market and keyword research stage. The goal of this stage is to find an “umbrella phrase.” An umbrella phrase is a keyword phrase that has an acceptable amount of competition. An acceptable amount of competition is a keyword with below 25,000-30,000 competing web pages, phrase matched, and an acceptable amount of traffic (80+ daily searches).

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Ed Dale On Internet Marketing Tools

On Day Seven of the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale appealed to participants not to go cheap on tools of the trade. He started by giving two examples. First, hair dressers spend up to $700 for scissors to cut hair. Second, top chefs spend $2000-$3000 on professional knives. However, would be internet marketers want to use cheap internet connections like dial-up (I’m not sure why anyone would subject themselves to such torture) and old computers.

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