If you are like me, every month or so you receive an e-mail about a new product launch that you should take advantage of to improve your business. You must be one of the first to purchase to get added bonuses and special pricing. (Heard this before?)

So several dollars later, you are no closer to reaching your goal than you were before you purchased the new product. And you thought that each one would be the solution to take you over the hump. But, don’t misunderstand the point I am making. If your business needs a boost or you simply need to find a new one, then some of these opportunities may be just what you need. The important thing is to weed out the hype and select the RIGHT tools to build and promote your business.

Whatever your objective, there are five habits that I’ve recently discovered to help me reach financial success with my online business.

  1. Get committed. Treat your online business like a real business and not a hobby or side gig.
  2. Increase your value to others by purchasing training courses on marketing and personal development.
  3. Instead of promoting your product or service, generate attraction by positioning yourself as an expert and solution provider to your target market.
  4. Use an inexpensive (under $50) frontend product that is informative, beneficial and useful, to begin a relationship with your target audience. This will increase your cash flow and facilitate relationship building with your target market.
  5. Once you establish a relationship with your target audience, introduce your backend products for serious cash flow.

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