The essence of CPA marketing success is CPA advertising.  And the heart of CPA advertising is…


Traffic, as they always say, is the lifeblood of any online venture.  If you’re selling something, you need traffic.  If you want people to click on your ads, you need traffic.  If you want to lead potential customers to an affiliate merchant’s sales page, you need traffic. Heck, if you want people to see the baby pictures you posted on your personal blog, you still need traffic!

The same is true for CPA campaigns.  This is why CPA advertising is very important.

CPA advertising is all about generating traffic to your web page so that a lot of prospects will get to see your affiliate link and a lot of prospects will get the chance to perform the action required by the advertiser.  Below are 5 traffic generating strategies that can spell the success of your CPA advertising campaigns.

1. Article Marketing.  This is one of the most powerful and the most popular CPA advertising techniques. The key is to target popular keywords (preferably long tail keywords) relevant to the subject matter of your selected CPA offer.  Once you decide upon your keywords, write a 250-500 word article related to the offer.  Include a resource box with a strong call to action.  Submit the article to the top article directories (i.e., EzineArticles, ArticlesDashboard, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, GoArticles, SearchWarp, iSnare).  Do this at least three times a week.  This CPA advertising technique will provide exponential traffic – both direct and indirect – as the weeks pass by.

2. Forum Marketing.  Another great way to drive direct and indirect traffic for CPA advertising purposes is via forum marketing.  Basically, you have to look for online communities dedicated to the subject matter catered to by the CPA program you’re promoting.  You can use to look for appropriate forums.  Create accounts in these forums and positively participate in the discussions.  You can promote your website – or even your affiliate link – through your signature box, which will appear with every post you will make.

3. PPC Marketing.  Pay Per Click (PPC) programs like Google AdSense are a great way to funnel traffic into your CPA advertising campaign… if you have the budget to do so.  Just use your list of long tail keywords you found in technique #1 and create some compelling ads.  Your goal is to earn more than what you’ll be spending.  Beware, however, that this technique isn’t meant for novice internet marketers.

With the three techniques above, you should be able to generate a steady flow of targeted traffic to your CPA campaigns. The first two will take a little time to generate some momentum. You can get some quick traffic with a PPC campaign and test your offer, but exercise caution because you can blow your budget in a matter of hours if you don’t plan properly.

For some additional CPA techniques, check out CPA Arbitrage.

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