In order to have a successful blog that attracts a lot of visitors and keep them coming back, you need to follow some simple rules.  Before you begin blogging, carefully consider what topics you are going to focus on in your blog as there are lots of interesting issues out there, waiting to be discussed.  You can find them in everyday life, in the media, in the news – anything that attracts attention and a loyal following.

Plan a schedule to update your blog on a regular basis with quality content. At least three to five posts a week is ideal, which can be adjusted after establishing a readership. If you don’t do this, visitors will lose interest and not return.  If you worry about running out of post topics, consider using the Caffeinated Content plugin for WordPress. This plugin populates your blog with posts based on your designated keywords from Yahoo Answers, YouTube and article directories.

Another source of content can be derived from your readers. Listen to what your readers have to say in their comments and pay attention to how they found your blog. Specifically, review your analytics logs to determine the most popular search terms used to access your blog and build more content around those terms.

BloggingBecause blog readers typically skim rather than read on the internet, keep your posts short and concise. You also want to break up your content into bullet points, where appropriate, and add some artistic work or pictures to make it more visually appealing.  If you post materials that are difficult or take a long time to read, you will most likely drive readers away.

Include free downloadable viral reports on your blog to turbo-charge visitor traffic and build a subscriber/viewer base quickly.

Offer readily visible RSS feeds for readers to subscribe to your blog posts and/or comments.  This allows them to be kept updated of any new information added to your blog without having to check the site constantly.

Finally, remember to submit your blog to popular, high quality blog directories such as Technorati, DMOZ, and Best of the Web blog directory to boost your web traffic and link popularity!  If you follow these guidelines you will most likely have a successful blog, and you will be rewarded in the process.

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