On any given day you can do a Google search for “wordpress themes” and get almost 4 million results. A search for “free wordpress themes” will yield about a million results. Most of these results provide multiple options, including single-column, two-column, three-column and four- column themes. You can also choose widget-ready, seo-optimized and adsense-ready themes.

Since I started blogging, I have spent countless hours prowling the web for just the right WordPress theme. I’ve been fairly successful at finding free themes for my sites. But recently, I noticed that several bloggers have moved to customized themes, often paying a few hundred dollars and upwards to distinguish the look of their blog.

Being on a budget, I initially felt the custom designs were much ado about nothing. After all, and eye-catching theme is nice, but content is King. Absent quality content, the best designs in the world are of little consequence. However, given the ever-growing popularity of WordPress, it is not unusual to come across the same theme on several different sites.

If you’ve read my “About” page, you’ll know that I had my first site up in 2000. And it was highly customized both in design and cost. Since the site didn’t accomplish most of my goals, beyond look, I became a bit custom adverse. But, I needed to give this site (http://intenzathletix.com) a makeover that would allow me to quickly and easily manage content as well as monetize the site. I also needed a theme that related to youth sports and/or physical fitness. Although I found a handful of free candidates, they just didn’t fit the look I was after.

The Revolution Premium News ThemeEnter the Revolution by Brian Gardner, a premium news theme. In a word, FANTABULOUS. Already familiar with Brian’s free WordPress themes, the Revolution series was icing on the cake. At a cost of $79.95, these themes are competitively priced (well within reason). They come widget-ready, customizable and compatible with WordPress 2.3.2+.

So I bit the bullet and purchased the Revolution Tech theme. The download of the theme and the included plug-ins was fairly painless. The support forum and tutorials walked me through customization of the theme. In fact, the support forum has been particularly useful in providing recommendations on site design. Brian is often on the forum answering questions himself.

Another unique benefit of being a part of the Revolution is the Revolution showcase. The showcase includes several examples of how other bloggers are customizing the various themes. Creativity is only limited by one’s imagination with the Revolution theme.

Thus, To Premium is the answer to the question. The level of flexibility and support is well worth its weight in gold.

If you haven’t considered the Revolution themes, check them out here today. It’s doubtful that you will be disappointed.

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