After about a month and a half of no activity on this blog, I’m finally back. The 30 Day Challenge is over and I am still working on generating my first $10.

Why the lack of activity?

Initially, my entire site disappeared for the second time in two months. After multiple phone calls and trouble tickets, it took technical support about two weeks to get the site back up. I was then off to the World Internet Marketing Event. Upon my return, I decided to switch web hosts (the detail of which I will discuss in a separate post). After some research and user opinions, I chose Hostgator. And the transfer process began.

What should have been a simple migration was complicated yet again because it took a week for the geniuses at my then existing web host to give me the information to change my name servers. Once I secured the relevant information, Hostgator completed the transfer. But they initially transferred the wrong site as I had two with the prior web host. However, they made the correction rather quickly.

Next, I needed to upgrade from WordPress 2.0 to WordPress 2.2. After about a week, I accomplished that task and here we are. I still need to reinstall a few plugins and generally get the site back to its original structure and design. Hostgator’s technical support has been a marked improvement in the quality of service and response time. So within the next few days, I should be back in total, picking up where I left off.

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