If you haven’t been doing article marketing, then you should. Some people think it’s fringe or passé. It’s anything but that! Some people are quietly making fortunes with not much more than article marketing, a squeeze page or two, and an autoresponder.

Articles can do two things for you. They can: 1) help you rank another site higher in the search engine results; and 2) they can drive traffic directly to your site.

Either way, you’re going to get more juice from your article marketing if your articles rank well for the keyword terms you’ve optimized them for.

article-bullyThere are several important issues to consider when optimizing an article for certain keywords terms, but we’re not going to get into that here. Instead, we’re going to talk about something much more fundamental, and which, over the long haul will make your articles make you even more money.

You see a lot of internet marketers forget that the Internet is not all about Google, or Yahoo or MSN. It’s about readers. The whole rationale behind Google’s mysterious algorithm for ranking pages is to get quality content into their users’ hands.

Content is actually more important than search engine optimization. So, let’s talk about what goes into making a quality article.

Preparation and Planning

Some article marketers just sit down at the computer and start writing with no thought as to what keywords they’re targeting or exactly what they want their article to do. That’s okay. It’s even part of a known article marketing strategy, which depends on volume, rather than search results. But unless you want to write, or have written, a thousand or so articles, you need to start thinking in terms of what your target market wants to read about, and, of course, the keywords they’ll use to get there.


Now, this is not a “do what you love and the money will follow” article. But having said that, passion is one of the keys to writing great content that your readers will want to click on, download to their site, and perhaps even bookmark. Passion shows. Lack of passion shows, too. Have you ever read an article or blog post that seemed like it was there just to take up space or rank for some obscure term in Google? What was at fault? Research? Grammar? No. It was probably written by some article marketing hack that just sits in front of their computer and cranks out articles all day long.

With these three “P’s,” you can dramatically increase your articles’ readership. So, don’t worry about Google. If you’re churning out quality information that your audience loves, search results will follow.

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