Article marketing is one of the surest ways to create traffic and start making money online. You don’t have a large cost as in pay per click and you can create a steady stream of traffic to your website. What’s even better is you don’t even have to know how to write to be successful in article marketing. You can easily hire someone to do your writing for you.

Below are some tips about article marketing, which will help you be a successful article marketer.

Tip 1: Article Length

Your articles should be 400 to 500 words long. Although some authors write articles, which are less than 400 words, you’ll get your article published in more article directories if they’re longer than 400 words. Also, your readers will have a better experience reading your articles and feel like they’re learning more, if your article is longer than 400 words.

Tip 2: Article Topics

Basically, you should provide content that is of interest to your readers. Whether it’s a “How to” article, “Tips” article, or “Secrets” article, research your target audience and “fill in the blanks” for them. Also, since your article is going to be published on one or many article directories, you probably want to write your article around certain keyword combinations. These would be the keywords that you feel like your potential viewers would use to find your article. You can get plenty of keyword possibilities from Google’s External Keyword Tool.

Tip 3: Article Structure

Generally, you should write your article in a manner that will lead reader to take a desired action. In most cases, you probably want to use your articles to drive traffic to a website, squeeze page or affiliate offer. So, you want your reader to perform some sort of action when they finish reading your article. In other words, you want to “sell” your reader on taking an action – clicking on your link. You want to nudge them to take the next step.

Tip 4: Websites You Can Promote Using Article Marketing

You can promote all kinds of websites. You can use article marketing to drive traffic to a blog. You can use it to drive traffic to a squeeze page, or some sort of single-page, mini-site that’s selling an affiliate product. You can also use article marketing to drive traffic directly to a merchant’s site, which you happen to be an affiliate off. (This is called Bum Marketing.)

Tip 5: Outsource, If Necessary

You might think that article marketing sounds great, but you either can’t write that well, or don’t enjoy it. Well, guess what? You don’t need to be able to write. You can easily outsource all the writing you’ll ever need. Outsourcing is easy to do. You can find great freelancers on Craigslist or Elance.

All in all, article marketing is probably the easiest way for someone to drive a lot of traffic to a website. Unlike pay per click, you’re not going to lose a lot of money while you’re learning. All you’re going to lose is some time. The thing about article marketing is this: you can write (or have written) a few hundred articles that drive traffic to a certain website. Once you get these articles published, they’ll be sending you traffic for years to come.

For a more detailed guide on article marketing, check out Article Marketing Domination.

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