Back in 2002, I paid over $2000 to have a website designed for a nonprofit, youth sports organization I formed, known as Intenz Athletix. (I have since given the site a makeover). The web designer gave me exactly what I asked for, nothing more and nothing less. This worked out well because I had a cool looking site with ecommerce functionality. I was ready to take the bull by the horns. However, I did not have sufficient information to truly make the site work for the organization or generate income to support its programs.

As the old cliche goes, “The best laid plans…” Although I had a good looking site and didn’t have a clue about monetization, I was being milked by my webhost. I ended up paying two to three times as much as I should have paid. Coupled with poor customer service and an antiquated control panel, my ex-webhost left a lot to be desired.

Now, six years later, I have more information to better utilize my web presence. I have taken some courses, done some research, listened to podcasts and discovered the world of blogging. So this diary will document my progress and plan to improve my online success through the good ole’ fashioned DIY method.

So far I’ve made my first dollars online. While I’m far from retirement, I would be honored if you would come along and join me for the ride. Tell me your stories, share your experiences and most of all, help a thick skulled individual figure out how to become a successful internet marketer.