Talk about bells and whistles. Market Samurai does it again.

Market Samurai on Content

Revealed on Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge, Market Samurai finds content for your keyword phrase to help with market research and creating your own content. Specifically, Market Samurai can scan article directories, such as Ezine articles, and blogs and return content related to your keyword phrase. The actual articles can be loaded directly into Market Samurai and saved as text or HTML files.

With this functionality, once you identify some content of interest, you can find out how much authority an article has, i.e., the article’s age, page rank, numberof backlinks, how often the article has been published by other Web masters (index count) and phrase count. You can then pull snippets from the articles to create your own content.

Google Reader on Content

An alternative method of completing market research is through feeds saved in your RSS feed reader, which is Google Reader for purposes of this year’s 30 Day Challenge. So if you’ve selected “crochet” as your niche market, you may have subscribed to various blogs or news feeds on the topic. You can type this keyword phrase in the search bar of Google Reader to pull all content related to that phrase.

As you are reviewing the content related to your keyword phrase, look for WOW facts. As discussed in the lesson, you can then take your impression of an article, add that to some choice quotes from the article and attribute the article to its original source. For example,

Create Top Quality Articles

“The Art of Crochet Knows No Bounds

I came across the delightful article in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette about a 93 year old man who does crochet!

Now it struck me that that was unusual – Then I was surprised to learn he was also legally blind in one eye!

He has been doing crochet for over 26 years and he finds it incredibly relaxing.

(We all know how that works!)

In one amazing project he created crochet blankets for Ethiopian orphan babies – what a great idea to use our crochet skills for charity.

I loved reading about a Amos and his passion for crochet.

Get inspired by Amos and read his full story here: (link to news article).”

This is certainly one quick and easy way to generate some content. This technique is recommended to create 5 to 10 articles consisting of 300 to 500 words. Add this to the prior lessons and we have: 1) a niche keyword phrase; 2) a couple of affiliate products to promote related to the niche; 3) promotional copy for the affiliate products; and 4) a picture of the affiliate products.

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