The 30 Day Challenge is back. Just shortly after last year’s challenge, I earned my first $10. I went on to apply some of the techniques I learned to take advantage of the Build A Niche Store Script (BANS). Although I still have a bit of work to do all my BANS sites, particularly with respect to traffic, they have brought in some decent income. With that said, I’m anxious to be a part of this year’s challenge to further hone my skills and add some new tools to my arsenal.

Day One, A Symphony Of Four Parts, focused on the 30 Day Challenge map. The key here is that whatever your goal, be it to bring a business online or revitalize an existing online business, there are four factors involved. Each factor has in order of importance that should be followed consistently.

Although traditionally product creation came first among many would-be entrepreneurs, many found that there was no market for their product. To avoid this result,

  • The first step toward success is Market Research.
  • The second step is Traffic. No traffic, no sales.
  • Part three is Conversion or turning traffic into dollars.
  • The final step is Product Creation.
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