• Link Farms – Link farms are collections of websites where the content on the websites consist solely of links. Avoid them like the plague. There’s no value in any of the content. A useful article entitled “Warning!! Link Farm Ahead” by Kimberly Krause Berg goes into a bit more detail on this issue.

  • Niche irrelevant websites.
  • Linking on pages very deep in a sites structure.
  • Linking from low authority sites, i.e., page rank zero sites.
  • Linking from porn or gambling sites.
  • Linking to duplicate content. As you create forum posts and blog comments, try and make sure that content is as unique as it can be. You want links on primary indexed pages rather than going into the supplemental index because the content is considered to be duplicate.

Caution: Make Sure Link Building Looks Natural

Be very careful in the process of building backlinks. Make sure that link acquisition looks natural in the eyes of the search engines. If Google (in particular) were to suddenly find an additional 200 or 500 links pointing to your site over a very short period of time, it will not look natural. It will not look as though your website distribution is occurring organically by the sharing of great content among other people online. If Google takes a view that your link building is not natural, then they penalize your website by placing you in the sandbox (warning: existence is disputed).

Google Sandbox is a process whereby your website has been indexed, but doesn’t appear in the search engine results page for the keyword your content is optimized for. When Google sandboxes you, it’s either because it thinks your link building strategies are inappropriate or something has changed in your content which causes it to question the authority of your website in relation to your keyword. You won’t come out of the sandbox until the link network starts to settle down and looks more appropriate to Google’s policies on link building.

Two or three links every other day for a period of time until you have an appropriate amount of backlinks to compete effectively in your niche is all you need.

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