Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge unveiled a service that takes the prep work from Days 1-5 and publishes it to a completely pimped out WordPress blog. The software can be used with domain names created by the software (to keep with their promise of free training) or you can spend a few bucks to get your own domain name. A couple of sites you can use to come up with domain names are:

  • Nameboy – You can use this site to get suggestions on domain names that incorporate your keywords.
  • Namecheap – I personally use this site to register my domains. It’s relatively inexpensive, with monthly coupons available for discounts, and easy to use.

It’s important that your domain name does not look spammy. For example, Google may consider keyword-rich domain names separated by multiple hyphens as spammy. If you need to use hyphens, the lesson suggests that you only use one: instead of The .com extension is preferred. However, if unavailable, try the .net or .org extensions. Failing that, go for a .info extension.

Should you select to purchase your own domain name, you’ll need hosting. The 30 Day Challenge recommends Hostgator, which is my personal favorite. Hostgator costs as low as $4.95 a month with their Hatchling Package and allows you to host only one domain. You should consider the Baby Package though for $7.95 a month because it allows you to host unlimited domains.

The software provided by the 30 Day Challenge is automatically setup to integrate well with Hostgator. However, any other cpanel-based hosting should work fine.

Drum Roll….The software can be downloaded at WordPress Direct. There are two options:

  • Free Membership – allows you to install 3 blogs.
  • Silver Membership – allows you to install 15 blogs and access all of the auto-content features for a 35-day, $1 trial. Thereafter, there is a $37 monthly membership fee.

Using WordPress Direct, you can upload one of the keyword-rich articles written on Day 5. You can then upload one of your affiliate offers from Day 4, including the image. The image and call to action should both be hyperlinked as can be seen on the sample site at Vintage Electric Guitars.

By the end of the day’s lesson, Challengers should be able to:

  1. Install a blog with WordPress Direct;
  2. Publish an article on the blog; and
  3. Populate the sale offer widget, with a selected affiliate product.
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