Getting backlinks to your website for more authority is Stage Four of the 30 Day Challenge process.

Some strategies include:

  • Look to Your Competitors. Use Yahoo SiteExplorer to identify the backlinks pointing to your competitor’s websites. As you review those links, you may find websites where you can place a link to your website. This gives you a foundation with which to compete with other websites in your niche.
  • Use a “unique” identifier when creating linking content. Create a keyword phrase that uniquely identifies you and your copy in relation to everyone else. The unique identifier works great with Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a free service by Google which will notify you by email when they find a website that incorporates a keyword you are interested in. You can use Google Alerts to:
  1. Notify you of any website that Google finds with your keyword on those web pages and then give you a link so you can visit them easily.
  2. Notify you when it finds web pages with your unique identifier. And here is where Web 2.0 strategies become quite useful. Google finds the pages we create links on or content that incorporates that unique identifier. People have picked up that content and put it onto their website. You can visit those pages very quickly and using social networking leverage (SocialPoster or otherwise), increase the power of that linked page back to your website. This will widen the distribution of that linked page within the social networks online.
  • Create great, unique content that people want to link to without you asking or requesting that they do so. You can create a series of portal websites that link to and are focused towards your main hosting content. Those websites might be other web 2.0 sites, blogs, or forums. But, as you go about the process of populating those websites with content, always make sure you link back to your main vehicle. Make sure to tag your content so that it’s recognized by and you’re given credit in the main tagging engines in Technorati and so forth. People can find your website using particular keywords. That’s the purpose of tagging.

Note: When you think about creating great content, don’t limit yourself to text. Sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Scribd have tremendous amounts of human traffic and you can create links back to your main hosting vehicles via content you place on those platforms.

  • Leave comments on blogs, forums, guest books and other web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages etc., within your niche.
  • Contact other webmasters who have websites within your niche and request that they put a link from their website to you in return for you putting a link on your website to them. In Google, the values of those type of reciprocal links have been reduced, but in MSN and Yahoo it still contributes to your overall link quantity and therefore still has a value. If you’re going to employ this strategy make sure to request that the webmasters of these websites use your main keyword in the anchor text of the link. You want to maximize the value as far as you possible can.
  • Use articles and press releases as a link source. It gives you tremendous leverage because if you write a great article you get a link from the article directory where you submit that article. Also, if somebody chooses to take that article and put it on their website then you will get a link and traffic for that article as well.
  • Submit your website to a wide range of directories and search engines: Directories (DMOZ, Yahoo and others), search engines, RSS directories, and blog directories. Although directories are not a great source for human traffic, you do get credit for those links from the search engine spiders. If you are using a blog as your hosting platform then you can use RSS directories.
  • Use Craigslist and other free classifieds. They tend to be temporary, but there is a large amount of human traffic trawling through the classified services.
  • Provide responses to questions on Yahoo Answers. Answers to questions can incorporate a link to your resource box. Yahoo Answers is heavily spidered by all the main search engines and you will be given credit for those links.
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