Now that Challengers are open for business, Day 7 of the 30 Day Challenge is about tracking and analytics. Google Analytics is the free analytics service of choice. All you need do is set up a Google Analytics account, generate the tracking code for your blog and that insert the Google Analytics ID into the WordPress Direct control panel under “Website Settings.”

Next is stat tracking for your selected affiliate program. The tool, TDC stats tracker, can be accessed through the 30 Day Challenge members area. Simply copy your affiliate link and go to the TDC Stats Tracker. Click on “New URL” and then input the destination name, destination description and paste in the affiliate link. Next, click “Add A URL” and a unique tracking URL is generated.

After generating your unique tracking URL, go to the WordPress Direct control panel. Under “Ads And Banners Setup,” insert the tracking URL using the link button. If you want to add the link to your post, it’s recommended that you hyperlink no more than two of your keyword phrases.

By the end of the Day 7, Challengers are expected to:

  • Set up a Google Analytics account.
  • Add the Google ID to their WordPress Direct settings.
  • Set up a tracking link for their affiliate product.
  • Add the tracking link to the Sale Offer Widget and also no more than two times into the article on their blog.

Once lessons two through seven are mastered, Challengers should be able to complete the blog set up and testing phase in about two days.

Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge will begin with promoting your blog.

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