Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on using Market Samurai’s SEO Competition module. This module helps assess the quality of competition in a niche. It includes off-page SEO factors such as:

  • domain age
  • page rank
  • alexa rank
  • page backlinks
  • domain backlinks

In the lesson, it was noted that if we can get more backlinks pointing to specific pages on a site that are optimized for a particular keyword, we have a good chance of outranking the competition.

In addition to off-page factors, Market Samurai analyzes on-page SEO factors such as whether a keyword is in the title, URL, description and header tag of a site.

Digging a bit deeper into the tool, you can also do some backlink analysis. This means that you can actually get the page rank of the backlinks as well as the anchor text used for the backlinks. How is this information useful? Well, it lets you know what a webmaster has done to build authority to a page for a keyword that you probably want to rank for. You can use that work as a starting point to build or enhance your own pages and hopefully outrank that page.

But knowing what the competition is doing is not enough. It is also important to be familiar with proper SEO tactics when building pages. I have personally found The SEO Mindset by Brad Callen to be quite useful in that regard. The information is presented in a logical and easy to follow fashion with plenty of examples to get you going.

The market samurai SEO Competition module provides a good snapshot of the SEO strength or authority of websites ranking for particular keywords. But, as warned in Day 2’s lesson, man shall not live by software alone. To get the same information manually, you can use the SEO for Firefox plugin. Although a bit more labor intensive, it’s always nice to have a Plan B.

The culmination of the first three lessons from the 30 Day Challenge requires potential niche topics or keywords to meet:

  1. Traffic Criteria – at least 80 plus searches per day.
  2. Competition Criteria – has no more there than 50,000 competing pages (30,000 pages or less is idea).
  3. Low Keyword Competition – a keyword with the greatest probability of appearing on page 1 of Google; a keyword where the competition is weak (e.g., low authority websites and websites not optimized for on-page factors).

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