With keywords in place and competitor research complete, Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge prepped challengers to test their selected niche market with affiliate products. Clickbank or Amazon are always a reliable source for such products. Alternatively, you can go to Google, type in your “keyword + affiliate” and peruse the search results for an appropriate affiliate program.

The purpose for identifying a couple of products is to test the market. You want to make sure your niche is filled with rabid buyers. If you can generate a sale for every 100 to 200 visitors, you may just have a viable market.

After selecting products, the next step is to write a bit of content for the products. With 30 to 50 words, the objective is to lead people down the path to a financial transaction. One of the best places to get ideas for your content is on Amazon. By copying snippets from editorial and/or customer reviews, you can create a piece of “slippery” content. The example created during the lesson related to vintage guitars is as follows:

“Discover the real value of Vintage Collectible Guitars and Bases. This essential guide gives you the inside scoop on the Guitar market and could literally save you thousands of dollars, or skyrocket your profits. Want a killer advantage? Get your copy today! “

Once created, you should save your content along with a copy of the product’s affiliate link and image. More on this topic is to be presented on Day 6.


Amazon Associates – An affiliate program with a variety of products.
Clickbank – An affiliate program for digital products.
Picnik – A free site to edit photos.

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