Promoting and driving traffic to your website is integral to your online success. While week one of the 30 Day Challenge focused on on-page SEO, week two will focus on promoting your blog with quality links. This will be done, in part, by leveraging the power of some Web 2.0 websites such as Squidoo.

Discover the Squidoo Cash Machine Here!

Discover the Squidoo Cash Machine

The first step in setting up a Squidoo lens is to register for an account. Next, click on the “Create a Lens” button. Select a title that includes your keyword phrase. Also pick a URL to match your keyword phrase exactly. For example, if your keyword phrase is “weight loss tips,” then simply put “” as your lens URL. If that URL is taken, put a “1” after the keyword – “”

Next, select the appropriate topic category. In addition to your main keyword phrase, you should add an additional four to five keywords. Once the initial setup is complete, you need to add at least three modules to your lens. For example, you can add an article,* RSS feed (with three to six headlines) and a text module with your affiliate product. Your RSS feed can be from your blog. Alternatively, you can use Market Samurai to generate an RSS feed based on your keyword phrase from various content sources (e.g., Wikipedia, Yahoo! News and Flickr images) and add that to your lens as well. When done, publish your lens.

After publishing your lens, use Social Marker to bookmark the page.

*Note: you can check the originality of your article/lens by conducting a free search at Copyscape.


Copyscape –
Market Samurai –
Social Marker –
Squidoo –

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