Part Two of the Google AdWords Mini Course focuses on identifying additional keywords for purposes of split testing. Market Samurai will be used to identify these additional keywords.

Using Market Samurai

Within the Keyword Research function of Market Samurai, select Google Synonym Tool and AdWords Traffic Filter. Click Generate Keywords to continue. Next, you should heavily edit your keyword results to filter out those words that are not tightly related to your main keyword phrase.

Once you’ve filtered your keyword list, click the Analyze Keyword button to continue. Turn off the Organic keyword research and turn on the AdWords option before again clicking Analyze Keywords. Sort the results by the AdWords Traffic (AWT) tab. You want to target those keywords that have some AdWords traffic. The more AdWords traffic, the larger the number of impressions you are going to have. That also means the larger the possibility that people will click on your ad.

You may then use the export function to export the keyword list. This list can be your starting point to expand your Google AdWords campaign. By bidding on a larger list of keywords, you increase the chance of getting more traffic.

Split Testing

To continue with your ad campaign, go to the Campaign Summary page. Click on your current ad group to get detailed results of your current campaign. Next click on the Keyword tab. Activate the Quality Score column by choosing from the Show/Hide Columns drop-down list. The Quality Score gives you an idea about what Google thinks of your landing page, based on a score of Great, OK, or Poor. If the column says Poor, Google tends to raise your cost per click.

Based on the current CPC data, you may want to edit your Default Maximum CPC. For example, if your Default Maximum CPC is $.25 and your actual CPC is $.14, you may consider adjusting to $.15 per click.

With that adjustment, it’s time to add a new ad group. Select the keywords exported from Market Samurai, with a minimum AWT of four visitors per day. Create an ad group with each keyword phrase you’ve selected. Include broad match, phrase match, exact match and any appropriate negative keywords.

Next, you want to create your text-based ad. If you don’t want to change the ad, AdWords automatically uses the last thing you entered. Click continue and choose your Maximum CPC bid for the new ad group. Check the Traffic Estimator to see Google’s estimate on various variables based on the Maximum CPC you entered. You can adjust your Maximum CPC, if necessary.

Now you can review your ad group detail and save it. Complete this process for each of your keywords exported from Market Samurai.

To see different ad variations, go to the Ad Variations tab. You can create a new text ad variation from that screen. Click the Text Add tab to proceed. Creating two to three ad variations is a good start.
When split testing ads, you want to create minor variations. For example, you may change only the description lines or headlines. Depending on the speed of your traffic, you may gauge how the ads are doing within a few days or after 200 clicks.

Going back to the Keyword tab, check the Quality Score of your landing page. Next, go to Edit Campaign Settings. Make sure “Rotate: Show adds more evenly” is selected. This will distribute the impressions evenly across your ad variations. Click Save Changes.

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