As you manage your Google AdWords campaign, it is important to monitor your click through rate (CTR). If your (CTR) is less than 1%, your ad is not attracting potential prospects. Since you are split testing, any ad that’s getting less than a 1% CTR should be deleted and replaced. Furthermore, ads that cost a lot, have low CTRs and low positions are idea candidates for deletion. (Note: CTRs can be improved by changing ad content.)

Idea ad positions are anywhere between positions 1 and 3. Position 2 is preferred among many pay-per-click (PPC) users. Ads in positions 5 through 8 that are costing a lot of money and have low traffic should probably be scrapped.

Don’t get discouraged if none of your ads are working. It takes time to get good at writing ad copy. What you may find useful is to take a look at current ads running in your niche for your keyword phrase. This is, however, simply to get ideas for your own ad copy. You should avoid copying other ads verbatim.

While creating a successful ad campaign is much about trial and error, it’s important to read the information Google supplies about AdWords advertising. Google AdWords is a dynamic program that requires advertisers to stay abreast of AdWords changes. And always remember to stay patient, be responsible and monitor your results.

Good luck and feel free to leave a comment sharing your Google AdWords experiences!

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