Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge is about promoting your blog. We do this through social bookmarking. Now while this may be a time consuming and tedious process, it is beneficial in getting your site indexed and generating your first trickle of traffic.

SocialMarker is a free service designed to reduce the time and effort to bookmark your site. The first step is to go to the site and drag the SocialMarker button to your bookmarks toolbar. This provides easy access to the service when you are ready to bookmark content.

Put Your Bookmarking On Autopilot

Put Your Bookmarking On Autopilot

Second, go to your blog and click on the blog title to bring up the actual page of your article. Then click on the SocialMarker button. SocialMarker will populate the Title and Link (URL) boxes. You will need to type in a brief description of your article in the Text box and your keywords in the Tags box.

Third, it’s time to select the social bookmarking sites you want to submit to. While you can certainly use all the services available, you get more bang for your buck by spending some time and researching the sites that best fit your niche. That said, there are a few that work well for most sites. These include Propeller, Digg,, Twitter and Stumbleupon. Once you select your social bookmarking sites, press Submit at the top of the page. Also make sure to register for all the sites you want to use for bookmarking.

Once you press Submit, SocialMarker will take you to each of your selected bookmarking sites. At the bottom of the page will be your bookmark details, which you can drag and drop into the appropriate fields of each site. After you go through each bookmarking site, you’re done. Now sit back and relax. Within 24 hours or so your site should be indexed.

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