Day 20 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on ethical social bookmarking. At the outset, Ed Dale established that social bookmarking and social posting are analogous to a bank account. When you bookmark someone else’s content (which should be something you genuinely like) you are making a deposit. Then, when you bookmark your own content, you make a withdrawal. And there’s nothing wrong with bookmarking your own content. Many professional bloggers socially bookmark their articles.

Content owners, however, must be conscious of what the search engines may consider as spamming. Therefore, socialization of sites should appear natural. Mass organized social posting is a form of spam, especially if the content is poor. In fact, bulk mass marketing of new content is a complete and utter waste. New information is only relevant if people link and refer to it over time.

To provide value in Web 2.0 communities, Ed suggested that participants:

  1. Contribute. Stumbles sites or as you surf around, socially post content that you find useful or interesting.
  2. Post in groups of no more than five or six individuals.
  3. Use the system naturally and with great content.
  4. Don’t hesitate to point out if someone’s content is a bit light. You will be doing them a favor in the long run.
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