On Day Seven of the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale appealed to participants not to go cheap on tools of the trade. He started by giving two examples. First, hair dressers spend up to $700 for scissors to cut hair. Second, top chefs spend $2000-$3000 on professional knives. However, would be internet marketers want to use cheap internet connections like dial-up (I’m not sure why anyone would subject themselves to such torture) and old computers.

Ed noted that the tools of the internet marketing trade are:

  • The fastest broadband connection available in your area; and
  • The best quality computer you can afford and get. Although Ed recommends the Apple Mac, I’m a PC diehard. But, I will not take Ed’s advice lightly. I am always willing to be swayed toward more appropriate alternatives.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)

Ed also brought up an excellent point about modern day advertising. Using American Idol as an example, he noted that in the past, record labels pushed product first. American Idol, however, pushes market research first. It gets traffic from the TV show. The traffic (or viewers) provide the show with data for the Noticing Phase, in which singers are weeded out through a voting process. At the end of the competition, the ultimate product rises to the top and is guaranteed to be a hit. The winner is the artist everyone voted for, taking the guess work out of what the market will support.The take away here is:

  1. Incur the necessary expense to support your business; and
  2. Do your market research before you launch a product.

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