Lesson 3 was finally released and covered keyword research. Using the free wordtracker tool, participants were instructed to conduct keyword research on each of their seven markets and copy the results in a text or word file. Next, participants were to conduct competitive research using the TDC toolbar. The goal here is to note what competitors are selling and how they are selling.

The weekend was reserved for catching up and if caught up, just plain old relaxing or having fun. As for me, I am in catch up mode…the story of my life. The dim wit factor has slipped in because I am having one heck of a time describing my seven markets.Fortunately, Mike Mindel has been providing the official 30DC daily summaries. As a co-founder of wordtracker, he also adds insights on tools and ideas to approach the daily tasks. His niche market spreadsheet has been particularly helpful. With this tool in hand, I am now off to do further work on those niche markets.

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