In Lesson Eight of the 30 Day Challenge, participants were given a baseline to test their potential traffic results. Using a phrase with a known amount of traffic, participants were to compare their keywords or umbrella phrases using Google Trends to find a correlation in traffic. In this case, participants were given the baseline phrase “male yeast infection” which receives about 500-550 searches a day and ranks one or two in Google.

Google Trends shows how much traffic is expected for the umbrella phrase using broad match (without the quotes) and exact match (with quotes) against the baseline. If the traffic potential for a keyword is low, then it will not display in the graph. This typically occurs if traffic falls below 200-250 searches a day.When traffic volumes are too low, a look at the Languages section may reveal comparative traffic between the baseline and the umbrella phrase. This can be used to confirm or deny potential traffic for keywords as defined by wordtracker.

In summary, lesson eight requires participants to:

  1. Get their candidate umbrella phrase from wordtracker and note the number of daily searches.
  2. Go to Google Trends and enter “male yeast infection, [the candidate umbrella phrase].” Then click search trends.
  3. Compare the graphs. See how the traffic of the candidate umbrella phrase compares to the data for male yeast infection.
  4. Select an umbrella phrase based on a high number of daily searches (80-100+ ideal), low competition (25,000-30,000 or less), and a fair amount of Google Trends traffic.

Using these steps, I plugged in my candidate umbrella phrases against the baseline phrase and tanked. I had absolutely zero data on the top, in the bar graph. An ever so slight blip showed up in the English Language section. That may be an indication of about 10-20 searches per day. Aargh!!!

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