Lesson Seven of the 30 day challenge was delivered by Rob Somerville. He described Stage One of the Judging Process – the market and keyword research stage. The goal of this stage is to find an “umbrella phrase.” An umbrella phrase is a keyword phrase that has an acceptable amount of competition. An acceptable amount of competition is a keyword with below 25,000-30,000 competing web pages, phrase matched, and an acceptable amount of traffic (80+ daily searches).

To determine an umbrella phrase, participants were instructed to start with wordtracker by inputting keywords to get a traffic profile. Next, participants were to type the keywords (e.g., speed reading) into the Google toolbar in broad match form, which is just the words and nothing else. This will tell the number of pages online which have the keywords somewhere on the page but not necessarily together. After reviewing this number, participants were to plug the same phrase into the Google toolbar between quotes (e.g., “speed reading”). In most cases, a high number of hits will be returned. But, here’s a tip:

Set the Google results to show 100 by clicking on the “Preferences” link. Make sure to click “Save Preferences” when you are done. Now scroll to the bottom of the first page for the phrase and click on the 10 next to the word “Next.” This will reveal the number of uniquely different pages with the keyword phrase.

It is critical to remember, however, that the important number is the number of pages returned when you complete a phrase match. If the number of pages is too high, participants should return to wordtracker for a new phrase and input as a phrase match in Google. A good umbrella phrase is identified if:

  1. there are 80-100+ daily searches in wordtracker; &
  2. there are below 25,000-30,000 competing pages when you search for a phrase match.

After some work, I was able to pin done some phrases within the criteria provided. I’m now awaiting Part Deux of the Judging Process.

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