Ed Dale started with Day 24 training of the 30 Day Challenge, describing the impact of rank on traffic. The Gtrends data on searches/day is based on the #1 position in Google. If you’re not in the number one spot, then there is a drop off. If GTrends suggests that you’re going to get 100 visitors a day in position #1, then you’re going to get about 30 visitors in position #2, and 12-15 in position #3. Once you’re in positions #4 – #10, traffic will tail off. Traffic won’t drop to 0, but we’re talking about a couple of searches per day at most. The credibility and import of this data is represented in a post on the Red Cardinal blog which displays the % share of clickthroughs for the top 10 search engine results based on data accidentally released by AOL.

With this in mind, Ed went on to discuss the decision to fish or cut bait. If one keyword is not getting traffic and the other one is, then dump the one that isn’t getting traffic and move on. Select a niche keyword in GTrends, write an article, select one of 25 different content providers, then put up a piece of content. Ideally you want a new content provider each day. Don’t focus on just one. One or two (maybe three) niche keyword targeted posts per content platform is fine.

If you’ve done all that and you’re not getting the result, then move on. You’ve saved yourself months of product development and work, which is what 99% of marketers do because they are product focused first, instead of market focused.

If you’re getting 100 to 200 visitors a day, then focus on the next step, conversion. If not, get a new keyword and get a new cluster. Make that decision.

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