Ed Dale’s focus on Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge was writing “slippery” content. The goal being for people to come to your site, read the article and then click the affiliate link. The difference between the number of people coming to your landing page, and then going from your site to the affiliate sales page is your slipperiness. The conversion rate is the number of people who arrive at the affiliate sales page (after leaving your quality content) compared to the number of people who buy. If you get 1 in 200 then you’re doing well.

Instead of providing templates, Ed suggested that we use our own experience to come up with a story. This could include embedding a YouTube video with our copy because people love video.

Made To StickThe guidelines Ed provided for writing good content are derived from Made To Stick by the Heath brothers, which is about why some ideas survive and others die. There are six steps, known as SUCCES. Rarely will you get a story with all six. If you can get one or two then that’s good. Because of the thousands of offers being thrown at people all hours of the day and night, a beautiful little story, anecdote or slice of life is a breath of fresh air.

SUCCES stands for:

Simplicity – Making a story simple is a key part. For the majority of people coming to your sites, they need things as simple as possible. If you want to make it memorable and motivate somebody, making it simple is good.

Unexpectedness – Capture people’s attention and hold it by making the content unexpected and memorable.

Concreteness – Levels of detail add concreteness and believability. The level of detail opens up your brain to believing it’s more accurate data, more concreteness, more detail.

Credibility – Detail is an excellent way to get people to believe the information and references are a great way of doing it.

Emotional – As the old adage goes “people buy on emotion and use the facts later, for logic.” So each chance you have to pull an emotional string is going to make that post more memorable. The more memorable, the more likely they are going to click on the link.

Stories – From the time we are fresh out of our mother’s womb we are taught through stories. Our entire growth, our entire learning, right through school, is story based. In particular, during our first seven years of life are all about stories. That’s why it’s so impactful when you use stories, anecdotes, and little colorful elements in any content that you create.

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