We started with market research. Next, we used our selected keywords to test. We have to make sure there’s traffic for our keyword(s) or we will be wasting our time. The power of the 30 Day Challenge method “lives or dies on keyword selection.”

Our traffic target is 200 visitors per day. A niche market that buys will convert 1 in 200. What does this amount to? By way of example, a $47 product sold per day adds up to $1410 per month and $16,920 per year. A $97 product yields $2910 per month and $87,300 per year.

Once we have traffic, we must determine how many people are clicking through to the money page. Once they’re there, we must determine how many people are buying or converting. We will then measure our conversion. Product creation will be the step after we sort out traffic and conversion.

The various platforms we use are to create a cluster of content sites around our keyword(s) pointing to our affiliate product. The cluster of content sites can be posted on platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, Google Pages, HubPages, Ezine Articles and YouTube. Our objective is to get 200+ visitors per day from the cluster. If we don’t get traffic for one cluster, e.g. “free speed reading,” then we create a new cluster around other keywords, e.g. “speed reading tips” or “learn speed reading.”

If we get 200 visitors going to our affiliate page then we can determine whether the market is going to buy anything. We only need that traffic for a couple of days to determine conversion. Our objective is to answer the following question:

  • Did visitors come to our site and convert?

If we are successful in converting visitors, we want to eventually substitute the affiliate product with our own product because the person who does the initial marketing for a product will make more than an affiliate. The most successful affiliate in the world makes only half of what the owner makes.

Eventually, we want to see clusters built around each keyword in our selected market. As we do this, we guarantee a snowball effect. We garner more and more power as we get more and more relevant content. Each cluster, even if it represents only one sale a day, can generate $50, $100, $150, or $200 a day.

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