Unleash The DragonDay 17 of the 30 Day Challenge was led by Rob Somerville and focused on advertising a website to get indexed in Google and other search engines. The two tools to be used for this purpose are Social Poster and Ezine Articles.

Social Poster

Social Poster is an example of Web 2.0 at its best. It is a free social bookmarking aggregating tool that allows you to manage the process of bookmarking by using just one interface. You can bookmark approximately 40 social sites including Digg, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Technorati, and Netscape.

When arriving for the first time, a tip to using Social Poster is to drag the Social Poster button to your bookmarks toolbar to create a submission bookmarklet. Whenever you arrive at a site you want to bookmark, simply click on the bookmarklet. You will then fill in information about the site’s URL, title, text and tags. Next, click “Generate links for submit.” This will create specific links for all the bookmarking platforms within Social Poster.

You must be registered with the various Web 2.0 platforms to submit your selected sites. Registration may be accomplished by clicking and be “R” button next to each site. Once registered, you login with the “L” button. If you try and post without logging in, then Social Poster will ask you to login first. After you are registered and logged in, click “Post” and you are done.

Another multi-social bookmarking service you can use as an aggregator for free is Socializer. It lists approximately 50 social sites that you can bookmark. Socializer also provides a wordpress plugin that may be added to your blog for bookmarking by your site’s visitors.

The social bookmarking methodology is an extremely effective tool for getting your website noticed. The methodology also gets your sites ranked and indexed in Google fairly quickly. I started a site about pilates machines that ranked in approximately two and a half hours after it was “socialized.” This phenomenon has been prevelant among 30 Day Challengers who have followed this process.

Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles is a platform to host your “umbrella phrase” optimized copy to gain ranking in Google and other search engines. Ezine Articles is a place where you can wirte, host and post articles that will be viewed by people looking for content in your subject area. Included in the article is a “bio box” that usually points to a website the article writer is interested in promoting or the article writer’s website. Very often, it tends to be a website that promotes a product or service in relation to the subject matter of the article.

To use Ezine Articles, you must first open up an account by clicking on the “Submit Articles” link. You will receive a confirmation e-mail verifying your account and that you have ten (10) free article submissions. If your first 10 article submissions meet or exceed the posted editorial guidelines, your membership account may be upgraded to the PLATINUM level of membership — that allows unlimited article submissions and priority approval speed into the website.

Once activated, you may begin submitting articles. Using the “Submit an Article” button, select a category, title and keywords. The first paragraph of your article may be used for the Article Summary. (Note: You will need to take out any html code.) Next, type the full article text for the “Article Body” section. Make sure to provide quality, relevant and useful content. You can use html tags but you are not allowed to put links in the article body. To add emphasis to your keywords, add them to your first paragraph, throughout the article and in your closing paragraph. Consider bolding the first reference to your keywords in the first paragraph and italicizing them in the last paragraph. The goal is for Google to be under no illusions about which keywords the article is optimized for.

Finally, add text to the “Author Bio” box. Once you enter the information, it will remain the same for all future articles. Be sure to add a link to your website or “money page.” Then take a quick preview of your inputs and submit the article. Because Ezine Articles is a human moderated system, it takes two to seven days for an article to get approved and go live. Therefore, you should return to the site occasionally to check the status of your submitted articles. After approval, articles will usually remain posted on the site for a period of 180 days.

As a final note, Ezine Articles is a powerful domain and will often lead to incoming links to your site. For firsthand information on the value of Ezine Articles, listen to an interview with its publisher, Christopher Knight, by the Blog Squad.

Other article websites or directories to consider include, GoArticles, Article City, and Isnare.


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