Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on two lessons: Web 2.0 Properties and Bloglines.

Web 2.0 Properties

Ed Dale revealed that participants will be using web 2.0 properties to get traffic and get listed and ranked in the Google search engine. This will be done very quicklly, which is why participants are in low competition niches. Even though traffic may be low, the focus is on low competition. A hinderance to this goal would be sites already with web 2.0 properties in the organic search listings. If pages already appear via web 2.0 properties, then it may be harder to rank. This single issue is the reason why a site may not rank quickly.

Some of the web 2.0 sites to look out for when researching a selected market are:

A lot of web 2.0 properties in your exact phrase match is not a good sign. If you don’t see any or very few, the chances of success are far greater.

After going through yet another iteration of niche candidates, I finally found three that fall squarely within the recommended search criteria. These are completely different from my initial seven. One of the new niches has a couple of sites displaying web 2.0 properties. This discovery helps me get down to my final two niche markets. Those two markets have the following characteristics.

  • Niche #1: keywords= 2, daily traffic for keywords=79, daily traffic for umbrella phrase=135, phrase match page count= 27600, affiliates= Y, competition= Y, web 2.0 properties= N
  • Niche #2: keywords= 3, daily traffic for keywords=75, daily traffic for umbrella phrase=70, phrase match page count= 13100, affiliates= Y, competition= Y, web 2.0 properties= N


So how do participants get quickly up to speed on their selected niche markets? Check it out:

  1. Type the phrase match into Google News. [Note: if the phrase match does not pull up any results, try using the core niche words for the niche.]
  2. Subscribe to the Google News feed in Bloglines. Create a new folder for the niche, e.g., speed reading.
  3. Go back to the Google News search results and click “Blogs” on the left hand side.
  4. Subscribe to the Google Blog Search feed in Bloglines. Save under the niche folder created in #2.
  5. As an additional option, go back to the Google News search and click “Archives” on the left hand side. This information may be useful if a niche needs historical information.
  6. Take notes on 3×5 cards or in a wordprocessing program of anything that makes you go wow or hmmm. Google Notebook is recommended. When reviewing articles, typically the first two paragraphs are going to be the most interesting. Copy and paste or “clip” into Google Notebooks for later reference.
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