When developing a strategy to obtain backlinks, link quality is equally if not more important than link quantity. Static one-way links are better than reciprocal links. A static one way link is a link from a website that points to you but where you don’t have a link on your website that points to them. A reciprocal link is where you link to a website and they link to you. That doesn’t carry as much weight.

When developing backlinks consider:

  • Links from higher page ranked (PR) website (more authority) are better. They have greater value to you than one from a lower ranked website.
  • Links from websites with the same ‘theme’ relevance as your website are better. They will be more valuable and relevant and more authoritative than websites that are completely irrelevant to the theme of your website.
  • Links that contain the keyword in the anchor text are more valuable and give you more credits than those that are random. Anchor text is the words that people use on their web pages that form a link back to you. Preferably you want the words used in the anchor text to be consistent with the keyword(s) you are using to optimize your web content.
  • Links from .edu and .gov domains are the best! If you get a link back to your website from an .edu domain, then Google considers your website to have more relevance than a standard .com domain. But, .edu links are harder to get. It is possible to get them, but they can be quite a challenge.
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