The Golden Nuggets Strategy

Although, Ed Dale provided the research strategy to learn about a new niche, he cautioned that reading is not enough. You must take notes for the information to be useful. Using the Golden Nuggets Strategy, adopted from Gary Halbert, Ed suggests that participants conduct their research as follows:

1. Google It

Type your keyword phrase into Google and review the top 10 to 20 sites. Adopt a state of curiousness and take notes. Write down anything that makes you go wow, hmmm, aah, and mmmm.

2. Mail It

Join the mailing lists that are related to your keyword phrase. It is recommended to set up a separate email account for the lists so as not to bombard or clutter your primary email account.

3. Feed It

Subscribe to the Google News and Google Blog feeds for your phrase match. Read and take notes.

4. Join It

Join groups related to your topic on Facebook, Google Groups, My Space and Yahoo. Actively read and take notes.


In addition to the Golden Nuggets, Mike Mindel, a co-founder of Wordtracker, delivered a pleasant surprise. Mike created a mashup of Wordtracker and Google Trends known as GTrends to help 30 Day Challengers research their niches. The tool is a great timesaver and reduces the frustration of trying to manage multiple windows and tasks to pin down appropriate keyword or umbrella phrases. As Mike explains on his blog, he updated Wordtracker to fill the market need of a group of similarly situated individuals. He notes that GTrends is essentially a niche, in and of itself.

  • Niche: Internet Marketing.
  • Market: People who want to make their first $10 online.
  • Niche Market: The 30 Day Challengers.
  • Problem: How do we speed up the process of market research to find a suitable niche?
  • Sub-Niche: GTrending.

Gtrends is not only a great example of how the process works with the techniques we’ve been taught, but is also an excellent tool. Special thanks to Mike for hooking us up.

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