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No Pain, No Sales Gains

Do you know where your customers have their point of pain? If you don’t, then you are missing a great opportunity to target your products to address those pains and make great sales gains. Pay attention to the feedback you get from people when they are on your website. The complaints are just as important as the praises they leave. If you don’t have an area for feedback, then you are missing a good way to improve your business and increase your bottom line. So, offer a way for customers to provide feedback, once they become members or register with your site.

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Cashing In With Early Adopters

If you have a particular market niche where new products come out all the time, you will want to cultivate the early adopters to make faster sales. This works particularly well in technical market niches. Early adopters help drive sales, and if the product is good, it will fly off the shelves. So, how do you go about cultivating early adopters?

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Setting Up Your Online Business At Home

Have you decided to run an online business at home? Do you have the space and tools you need to be productive?

Working from home is a very flexible option that can be extremely cost-effective for your online business. The potential for success can be great if you have the discipline to work, despite distractions, and you have the technology required to run a modern online business.

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Turning Passion Into Profits

Starting a small business is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life.  If you do it right, then there is no telling how far you can go.

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How To Price Products And Services, Part II

As discussed in Part I of Pricing Products and Services, snooping around to see what your competitors are charging is a good starting point for establishing your own price structure. Here is another simple formula you can follow to help when choosing your price points.

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