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Market Samurai Slays The Competition

Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge focused on using Market Samurai’s SEO Competition module. This module helps assess the quality of competition in a niche. It includes off-page SEO factors such as:

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Market Samurai First Impressions

Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge included the unveiling of Market Samurai, a market research tool. This is a free tool available for a limited time to 30 Day Challengers. It incorporates data from Google’s keyword tool as well as a competitive and commerciality analysis.

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Thirty Day Challenge 2008

The 30 Day Challenge is back. Just shortly after last year’s challenge, I earned my first $10. I went on to apply some of the techniques I learned to take advantage of the Build A Niche Store Script (BANS). Although I still have a bit of work to do all my BANS sites, particularly with respect to traffic, they have brought in some decent income. With that said, I’m anxious to be a part of this year’s challenge to further hone my skills and add some new tools to my arsenal.

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