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To Premium Or Not

On any given day you can do a Google search for “wordpress themes” and get almost 4 million results. A search for “free wordpress themes” will yield about a million results. Most of these results provide multiple options, including single-column, two-column, three-column and four- column themes. You can also choose widget-ready, seo-optimized and adsense-ready themes.

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ebay Changes Policy on Information Products

Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay!
Recently, I have been exploring ebay as a lead generation tool. After listening to about a half-dozen podcasts, all of which strongly encouraged the use of ebay to promote information/digital products, I decided to give it a try. And at a cost of about $.25, I can setup a 10-day listing optimized around my niche market and designed to capture leads. (Or at least that’s what I thought.)

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