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2007 Seminars In Review, Part 2

My second seminar of 2007 was the World Internet Marketing Event in September. By this time, I had started my first blog (this one) and participated in the 30 Day Challenge. I had essentially gotten my toes wet and was thirsty for more knowledge to improve my online marketing efforts.

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2007 Seminars In Review, Part I

Last year I attended some seminars to jumpstart my internet marketing education. Over the next few posts, I will provide a review of my experiences at those events, reflections on their value and a summary of my learnings.

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You Know Your Web Host Sucks When…

If you encounter any of the following problems with your current web host, it’s time to make a change.

10. Noone else has ever heard of your host provider.

9. You have long hold times (over 30 minutes) for phone support.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking: Tame The Beast

If you tend to write longhand, are used to dictating or simply want to be more efficient, Dragon Naturally Speaking is for you. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software program that allows you to dictate text directly into your word processing program as well as conduct a host of other commands. This tool is particularly useful for bloggers because it makes for more efficient posting. And, it is a must have for creating ebooks and other text documents that are commonplace among internet marketers.

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Auditing Your Site

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the lookout for tools to help improve your website. offers just what you need to analyze your site.

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How to Optimize Banner Ads & Text Links

In the world of internet marketing, we are often taught to monetize our sites through various avenues such as banner ads and text links. Placement is critical to obtaining a high click through rate (CTR) from these sources. Below are some pointers for placement of banner ads and text links that will improve the chances of visitors clicking on your ads.

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