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Day 2 – Identifying Niche Markets

Day Two of the 30 Day Challenge focused on identifying viable niche markets to pursue. Before delving into the details, Ed Dale cautioned participants to avoid “Major League Niches” such as weight loss, dog training, real estate investing and health related topics. With that said, Ed went on to provide participants with the following list of tools to generate ideas: Read the rest of this entry

Day 1 – Four Steps to Online Marketing Success

Day One of the 30 Day Challenge was an introduction to the four steps that will lead participants to online marketing success. These steps include: Read the rest of this entry

The 30 Day Challenge

Days after getting my blog setup, I started to tinker around with various WordPress plugins. As luck would have it, my experimentation shut my entire blog down. All I could see was a white screen on the site and through my admin interface. So once again, I contacted technical support to bail me out and they had the nerve to take about a week to troubleshoot the problem and get the blog functioning once again. Needless to say, I lost some momentum and have been a bit tentative about getting back in the saddle. But, a new surge of enthusiasm has arrived.

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